Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Clandestine Gourmet Scandi night

After the high we had  from our first event we were eager to do another one and we decided over a coffee on the Scandinavian theme .
We advertised on our Facebook page and got booked up quickly with some returning from the last event.We chose the menu over the course of a week and had a few try out ourselves to see how it worked out.
Again, the guys from Noel Young Wines sent us the wine recommendations.

 On the day we turned a cosy lounge into a dining room for 15 people.
Abba was playing and reindeer tea lights were on, we were ready!

 We sent the menu at the beginning of the week, 
omitting the added surprises we had prepared for our guests.

For the aperitif we served Scandi mulled wine with homemade gravadlax with mustard sauce and marinated herrings on black bread.

it was followed by a nettle soup with Samphire and parsley jelly
and then the starter: cod frikadeller with curry remoulade

At the moment the starters went, we seared then roasted  the venison for the next course. 
Everything was going quick in the kitchen. 

It was served with a norwegian brown cheese sauce,beetroot relish, cavolo nero and chantennay carrots

The room was buzzing, it's such a great feeling to hear people interacting together.
We were very happy in the kitchen at that moment, as we knew we had done right.
But another 3 courses needed to be prepared so off we went .

Our cheese course was danish blue on homemade crispbread with a shot of Aquavit, brought back specially from Copenhagen. Not to everyones taste of course
(it did taste a bit like mouthwash) but it was fun to try it out.
This was followed by a blueberry cheesecake,
the room went silent for a minute after we served it.
Everyone loved it and not a crumb was left.

After the dessert, Claire showed round her stunning Kransekake 
while Hakon was happy to give a bit of history to our guests.

It was cut and served with coffees and teas.
At that point we  had time to have a chat with our guests (and a glass of wine) which 
for us rounded the evening brilliantly . 
Miss Sue Flay the queen of secret venues and secluded tea parties  was in the house and gave us a brilliant review on her blog. We also had Heidi, The Moving Foodie  who mentioned us on the Cambridge local secret's blog  and her own blog here .
Along with emails that made us very proud we are definitely plotting our next evening, so keep an eye on our Facebook page or get on the mailing list at

Wishing you a merry Christmas and a very happy New Year.

The Clandestine Gourmet 

A big thank you to Grant Dain who sent us some great pictures.