Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Saturday 27th October

Just under a month ago we started our first event as a clandestine restaurant.
The location was kept secret till the day before.

The Dining room

We chose to set up the dining room as a restaurant unlike some 
supper club, we aim to do both on different themed nights.
Nerves were high at the time of this picture.

The menu

Wine suggestion by Noel Young wines 

On arrival 

Truffle and parmesan popcorn

Persian and moroccan marinated olives

We decided on a 3 and 4 courses menu also adding some additional mini courses 
like the pre starter soup below.

Pumpkin and ginger veloute with crystallised ginger

The Starters

Caramelised onion and Gorgonzola tart
with pear and walnut salad

salt cod on crostini
- this was served with a tomato, chilli
 and caper salad for one of our guest-

The main courses

48hour beef with puff pastry, confit onions and greens

The haddock with vanilla and olive sauce on fennel
with samphire and crushed potatoes

At this time the mood in the kitchen was brilliant, we then knew that 
the main part was done.

Palate Cleanser
Palate cleanser: Lemon and lime sorbet

The panacotta wobbled just right and was extremely tasty as we were told 


Earl grey pannacotta, citrus salad and tuile

Pistaccio and Olive cake, roasted strawberries
raspberry sorbet

Petits fours with coffee or tea
Petits fours: truffles, madeleines and raspberry pastilles.

A big thank you to Ray Anderson for some of the pictures above, cooking and shooting proved tricky at times.